Fruity pies

Caramel Apple Lattice-Top, And We’re Done!

This little baby’s ready to make its debut: And now CurvyMama’s ready to make more pies for at-home family & friends eating. One little pumpkin has already been devoured, and there is a need for much more. Here we come, pumpkin, cherry, banana cream caramel (I’ve got to do something with that leftover homemade caramel, right?) I promise I’ll post the recipe for Caramel-Apple Lattice-Top la
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Making A Lattice Top For A Fruit Pie

I want to post some step-by-step pictures of making a lattice top for a pie, since some folks have asked for this. So here is how you do it: As I mentioned yesterday, you start by rolling out your top crust, then sliding it onto a parchment-lined cookie sheet and chilling it for 15 minutes or so. Then you take it out and use a pastry cutter to make nice ziggy-zaggy-edged strips.
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Cheering for Cherry (And Lemon)

Yep, they both worked out great! Remember yesterday, when I was trying to get the filling texture just right on the lemon meringue pie? And when I was trying out a new way to make a glossy, intensely cherry-ish cherry pie? All indications were positive last night, but today was the real test, since that is when they were to be eaten. I am happy to report that both pies worked out wonderfully. I was delighted to see t
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A Lemon Lesson, A Cherry Victory

YES! We’re on a pie high! CurvyMama came home sadly from her pie-making week in New York, but perked right up again when drafted to make more pies. You watched yesterday as I made a lemon meringue pie. When we left off, I was going to bed with my fingers crossed that the filling would be firm enough to hold its shape when sliced. This morning, I placed a clear dome over the pie and took it to work, where I pres
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Saved By A Pie

CurvyMama may have sadly left the Big Apple Pie, but was immeasurably cheered today by the best news of all: someone to bake for. Yep! On my very first day back in Policy Town, I have two pies on my agenda. One is for my colleague Techie Pie, whose Web acumen helped me get this blog going when I exhibited a less-than-stellar command of WordPress. She troubleshot for me on the promise of free pie, and today she peruse
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