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Let 2012 Be the Year of the “Pie Fairy”

I know I should feel sad that a “pie fairy” is retiring, but I am so overwhelmed with charm by the mere fact that there was a pie fairy that I’ve been giddy ever since I heard the news. Oh, wait, I should back up and tell you what I’m talking about. (See? Like I said, giddy.) For the last 35 years at Christmastime, Columbus, Ohio resident Bill Welch has been receiving a pecan pie from an unnam
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A Mother’s Legacy: A Spice Rack Made With Love

With both daughters home for winter breaks, CurvyMama’s inclined to get a little sentimental. As each one reaches new stages of independence, I want–what else?–to make sure she has the requisite seasonings to bound happily into her culinary adventures. Much to my proud delight, both have turned out to be damn good on both the savory and sweet sides of the kitchen. So when my firstborn, Hannah, turne
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The First Slice from CurvyMama

I’ve finally gotten the blog started! This will be my buttery little platform for sharing pie-making and pie-tasting adventures, whether they’re in my own kitchen or someone else’s. Follow me, tweet me, email me, like me, but most importantly, like my pies!
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