Banana Cream

Banana Cream Pie

In CurvyMama’s quest for the yummiest pie ever, she vowed to use the fruit-scarce winter months to perfect creamy custardy sorts of pies. As spring takes hold, she’s here to declare that she’s pretty darn satisfied with the results. The latest happiness emanates from this banana cream pie. The combination of crisp, flaky crust, just-barely-ripe bananas and a creamy custard makes me swoon. But becaus
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CurvyMama’s Pie-of-the-Month: Banana Cream

Flash back to childhood: a luscious fat slice of banana cream pie and a fork. Mmm. Okay, so that wasn’t your childhood? Well, it wasn’t mine, either. My mom always kept our house stocked with homemade cookies, cakes or bars. But she didn’t touch pies. Do you have a similar story to tell? Do you need to fill that void with comforting, homemade pie every month? Join CurvyMama’s Pie-of-the-Month
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Banana Cream Pie With The Mysteriously Macho Crust

It seemed like such a good idea: lining the crust of a banana cream pie with white chocolate. And it came from an impeccable source: Rose Levy Beranbaum, one of the most revered baking goddesses of all time. So I adapted the idea to my own banana cream pie for a dinner party, only to find, to my embarrassment, that the hostess and her guests were silently yearning for sledgehammers to cut through their pie crusts.
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