CurvyMama Smackdown: Chess Pie Versus Buttermilk Pie

A bunch of my friends got into an animated discussion the other day on Facebook about buttermilk pie and chess pie. Many of us weren’t too familiar with these pies, hailing as we do from some place other than the South. So I decided that this was a great chance to do another CurvyMama Pies smackdown. If you’re not familiar with our smackdowns, you can calm yourself, because there is no violence involved.
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Buttermilk Pie With Cinnamon Graham Cracker Crust

I really wanted to tell you about this pie yesterday, but I couldn’t, because I was making it as the surprise dessert in a birthday dinner for one of my inner posse, LegalPie. Since she subscribes to the blog, the post would have ended up in her inbox and wrecked the surprise. Now I’m free to blab about it all I want. So you can imagine what we’re talking about, here’s a slice from CurvyMama:
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