CurvyMama Smackdown: Chess Pie Versus Buttermilk Pie

A bunch of my friends got into an animated discussion the other day on Facebook about buttermilk pie and chess pie. Many of us weren’t too familiar with these pies, hailing as we do from some place other than the South. So I decided that this was a great chance to do another CurvyMama Pies smackdown. If you’re not familiar with our smackdowns, you can calm yourself, because there is no violence involved.
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Happy National Pie Day! Aztec Chocolate Chess Is Served!

CurvyMama couldn’t very well hold her head up proudly as a pie baker if she didn’t bake anything for National Pie Day. Luckily, there was no chance of this happening, since this most delicious of holidays coincided with the delivery of pies to my beloved Pie-of-the-Month-Club members. The selection this month is Aztec Chocolate Chess, my bewitching blend of fudgy, brownie-like filling with notes of cinnam
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Aztec Chocolate Chess Pie

Of all the experimental pies I’ve lugged into the newsroom at my day job, this is the one my colleagues loved the most. It’s true, journalists tend to be easy to feed. Their standards are low. They think of themselves as beleaguered, and they munch their way through just about anything for comfort. (My kids saw it clearly early on. Any foods we didn’t like at our house got this immediate chorus: 
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