Teensy Pies: Adorable and Irresistible

I finally got mini pies into my repertoire! It took some experimenting, but I’m delighted with the result. Aren’t they adorable?   I’ve been making lots of bigger pies for years–the standard, round 9- and 10-inch ones, and even a few big rectangular “slab pies.” But all the while, I’ve been watching my fellow bakers churn out cute little individual pies. They’
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Peppermint Bark Pie: A Creamy Winter Treat

It started last Christmas, with the realization that I couldn’t make it through winter without peppermint bark. You know peppermint bark, right? It’s that strangely addictive candy, hocked by Williams-Sonoma, Trader Joe’s, and other peddlers of sin: dark chocolate, layered with peppermint-infused white chocolate, and sprinkled with those red-and-white-striped peppermints, crushed into charming littl
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French Silk Pie: Oh-My-God, It’s Love!

“I don’t like chocolate. I don’t even like pie. And I can’t stop eating this.” That’s the kind of reaction I’m getting when I serve the newest addition to CurvyMama Pies’ menu: French silk pie. It’s the creamiest, smoothest, most chocolatey thing ever. And it’s winning over even the most stalwart dessert-haters.
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Happy National Pie Day! Aztec Chocolate Chess Is Served!

CurvyMama couldn’t very well hold her head up proudly as a pie baker if she didn’t bake anything for National Pie Day. Luckily, there was no chance of this happening, since this most delicious of holidays coincided with the delivery of pies to my beloved Pie-of-the-Month-Club members. The selection this month is Aztec Chocolate Chess, my bewitching blend of fudgy, brownie-like filling with notes of cinnam
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Aztec Chocolate Chess Pie

Of all the experimental pies I’ve lugged into the newsroom at my day job, this is the one my colleagues loved the most. It’s true, journalists tend to be easy to feed. Their standards are low. They think of themselves as beleaguered, and they munch their way through just about anything for comfort. (My kids saw it clearly early on. Any foods we didn’t like at our house got this immediate chorus: 
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Milky Way Pie

Be honest: if you had leftover homemade caramel in your fridge, what would you do? It’s been on my mind every day: it’s sitting there! In my fridge! Just staring at me! All plump and deep-amber colored! I can’t let another day go by! I have to do something! So I did the simplest possible thing: I lined a pastry crust with the caramel, and then piled chocolate cream filling on top of that. Like a pie
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Chocolate Cream Pie

On the day before Thanksgiving, I should be posting apple or pecan pie recipes. But I’m not your normal gal. You’ve already got my pumpkin pie recipe, and I promise I will soon put up the apple and pecan. But this chocolate cream pie has captured my heart, and needs to be posted!
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