Crumb crusts

Key Lime Pie With A Snappy Little Twist

Okay, I’ll say it right here and now: I resisted Key lime pie. I don’t know why. I was oddly biased against it. Maybe it was a couple of nasty slices I had the misfortune to try; slices with an oddly artificial lime taste. I dunno. But whatever the reason, I chose not to put Key lime pie on my menu. You can come trounce me now. Call me closed-minded. Call me insensitive to pie lovers everywhere,
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Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie Gets Some Love

CurvyMama took her beloved “Sweetie Pie Sara” and a couple of friends to a local pie contest the other day. My little pie didn’t win anything, but we humans had a ton of fun meeting new people and tasting all the pies that jockeyed for attention on the table. It was all for a good cause, too: bringing people together to talk and think about local food sourcing and new ways to get healthy foods into
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Buttermilk Pie With Cinnamon Graham Cracker Crust

I really wanted to tell you about this pie yesterday, but I couldn’t, because I was making it as the surprise dessert in a birthday dinner for one of my inner posse, LegalPie. Since she subscribes to the blog, the post would have ended up in her inbox and wrecked the surprise. Now I’m free to blab about it all I want. So you can imagine what we’re talking about, here’s a slice from CurvyMama:
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Graham Cracker Crumb Crusts: The Sacred Source

From New York City Just yesterday I was telling you how I learned to be master of my graham-cracker-crumb domain: I started to get the hang of shaping the very independent-minded crumbs into a crust. This is how most of us think about making a cookie-crumb crust. We think of combining the crumbs with butter and pressing them into place. But who makes those crumbs to begin with? Most of us grew up answering that quest
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Happy Graham-Cracker-Crumb Crust Day!

From New York City CurvyMama’s created a new holiday, and you can be the first to celebrate with me. I got my wish today when I spent a chunk of the late afternoon pressing graham cracker crumbs into pie tins. Go ahead and scoff, if you dare. Those of you who think this sounds easy have another think coming. I have tried this at home, and I end up with a too-thick-and-hard brick wall of crust, or with a bunch o
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