Cranberry-Fig-Apricot Pie

The winter cranberry fest continues! As I told you the other day, I’ve been answering the call of the cranberries that have been singing to me from my freezer. And what cheerier fruit is there to work with on a bitter snowy night (like the one we’re having in D.C. right now) than those bright red little globes? Listening to some good rootsy American music and staring at a bowlful of cranberries, I put tog
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Cranberry-Orange and Apple-Cranberry Crisps

Sometimes making too much pie can make a girl wistful; wistful for the days of chocolate chip cookies, sour cream chocolate Bundt cakes, plum crisps and blueberry cobblers. In these very quiet, relatively pie-free January weeks, I’ve been listening to that voice from the past and making more homey treats.
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Mmmm, Fall: Cranberry and Pear Pies

As you know, Art of the Pie’s Kate McDermott has been baking up a storm in my kitchen for the past couple of days. In June, when I first lured her to D.C. from Washington state to teach pie workshops, apricots piled up at my house for those sessions. This time, when she came back for fall workshops, the change in seasons left us awash in pears and cranberries. I confess that I had never had a pear pie–pea
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