Lemon-Curd Meringue Pie

  The calendar said it was spring the other day, but here in Washington, D.C., the slushy snow and mitten-worthy temperatures did a pretty good job of convincing us otherwise. That’s why it was all the more important to have a bright sunny yellow pie to cheer us up. This lemon meringue pie won’t just deliver the cheer you need to outlast winter. It will be a sassy, creamy contribution 
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Baking Lemon Pies With A Legend

I had a stroke of supreme good fortune the other day: I got to bake pies with former Washington Post food critic Phyllis Richman. She was gracious enough to show me the secret to her favorite lemon pie. It was such a lovely afternoon! We sipped green tea and told stories while we rolled pie dough and mixed filling. Thanks to Phyllis, I learned how to make a lemon pie that you will totally love.
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Rinds And All: Shaker Lemon Pie

I had never heard of Shaker Lemon Pie until recently. Then, all of a sudden, I kept hearing it mentioned by pie-baking friends. Fascinated by a citrus pie that includes the pith and rinds, I resolved to try it. A rainy late-summer evening offered me a nice opportunity. A longtime neighbor is moving away, and another neighbor and I wanted to bid her farewell and hear about her plans. The colors and flavors of this pie
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Lemon Pie Smackdown: Who Wins?

Okay, I used the old journalism trick of hijacking you with the headline. I confess that it was a bit misleading. The contest wasn’t really about the lemon pie filling; It was about the crust. And I wasn’t sure you would click on a post about a pie crust smackdown. But hey, before you abandon me in annoyance, let me tell you that the filling was also really great. And I’m going to give you the recip
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High Drama! Lemon “Angel” Pie

Wow! This is one of easiest and most flamboyant pies you can make. And guess what? No pastry crust! That makes it great for crust-o-phobics, and also a nice little entry in the gluten-free category.
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Cheering for Cherry (And Lemon)

Yep, they both worked out great! Remember yesterday, when I was trying to get the filling texture just right on the lemon meringue pie? And when I was trying out a new way to make a glossy, intensely cherry-ish cherry pie? All indications were positive last night, but today was the real test, since that is when they were to be eaten. I am happy to report that both pies worked out wonderfully. I was delighted to see t
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A Lemon Lesson, A Cherry Victory

YES! We’re on a pie high! CurvyMama came home sadly from her pie-making week in New York, but perked right up again when drafted to make more pies. You watched yesterday as I made a lemon meringue pie. When we left off, I was going to bed with my fingers crossed that the filling would be firm enough to hold its shape when sliced. This morning, I placed a clear dome over the pie and took it to work, where I pres
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