Rhubarb Pie: How We Missed You!

Nothing says “spring” like rhubarb pie, especially after the ##$$&*$&$%(%^&U! winter we’ve had here in D.C. And even though this alluring fruit popped up uncharacteristically early this year, it couldn’t have come a second too soon. When I spotted the reddish green stalks at my wonderful little market last week, I practically burst into tears. The winter’s really over! ItR
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Rhubarb Pie Is Here!

There is something particularly tempting, flirtatious even, about those fruits that make a fleeting appearance. Rhubarb is one of those, and it’s here. And it’s calling your name. Go ahead, order a rhubarb pie! Or order a rhubarb-strawberry pie. You know you want one! And you won’t be able to get it for long!
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