Pumpkin Pie Smackdown: What’s That Mystery Ingredient?

What’s a CurvyMama to do after an intense week of Thanksgiving pie prep and baking? I thought I needed a break. But a holiday trip to California only made me miss my dough and my rolling pin that much more. So the minute I got back, I jumped right back into the pie kitchen. This time it was an experiment to find out what effect a new ingredient could have on my pumpkin-pie filling. And what better way to do tha
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Mini Pumpkin Pies

I don’t generally do cute, and I refuse to do cutesy. That’s why the charm of these little guys pretty much ambushed me. Just look at them. They offer just the nicest little bit of plump weight in your hand. The perfect thing to do with leftover pie dough and excess pumpkin pie filling!
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Pumpkin Pies Made From Fresh Pumpkin

I did it on a whim; Trader Joe’s had those cute little sugar pumpkins, and they called to me in sweet little voices as I tried to walk past. Three of them ended up in my shopping cart. So tonight they fulfill their destiny and become pies. The old-fashioned way. Here’s a photo to show you how adorable they were before I violated them. I include my coffee cup for scale; they’re not the teensy tiny li
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