The Little Pear and Chocolate Tarts

There is so much to tell from pastry class last night that I am going to take a new blogging approach: I’m going to write about it piece by piece. Otherwise you will be reading this one long blog post until mid-summer. And you won’t make it. I want you with me at the end! And since much of the evening has already escaped me, I’m going to save our puff pastry adventure for another evening (and a much
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About That Valentine Tart…

Now that my valentine’s tart is no longer a surprise, I can post a few pictures about making it. This was the end product:
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The Valentine’s Day Tart

My version of a valentine:
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Caramel Walnut Chocolate Tart

I spent part of my sunny, cold Sunday morning making a dessert that reminds me of my years in Los Angeles. The early 1980s was when Wolfgang Puck opened his iconic restaurant Spago above the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. What Puck was doing then seems run-of-the-mill now, but in those days, wood-oven-fired designer pizzas were a revelation, and the place became a sensation. Few associate him with desserts, but he t
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Hearing My Daughters’ Voices in Pie

From New York City I haven’t completely lost my mind. But this did happen today: in Bubby’s underground kitchen, the two new pies I encountered today spoke to me. That’s because they were the two pies that my daughters would create with a magic wand if someone said, “Design the pie of your dreams.” (And we actually did this; that’s why Sweetie Pie Hannah and Sweetie Pie Sara are on
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