Cheering for Cherry (And Lemon)

Yep, they both worked out great!

Remember yesterday, when I was trying to get the filling texture just right on the lemon meringue pie? And when I was trying out a new way to make a glossy, intensely cherry-ish cherry pie? All indications were positive last night, but today was the real test, since that is when they were to be eaten.

I am happy to report that both pies worked out wonderfully. I was delighted to see that when the lemon pie was sliced in half, the filling held its shape admirably.

And the glaze I created to spread over the tart cherries gave that pie an alluring, glossy, deep-red color and also intensified the flavor. I know I posted this picture last night, but I love the result so much that I’m just going to post it again. 🙂 When this was served at a workplace birthday gathering, everyone went nuts. I never cease to be amazed at the closeted passion for cherry pie. Every time I make one of these babies, it inspires wild adoration. Who knew?