Pie Pilgrimages: The Pie Shop in Atlanta

We have our first pie shop review! As we said yesterday, when we posted our opening list of pie shops to try, we hope this will be the first review in a long series. As a proud member of Pie Nation, we want to do our bit to try as many pie shops as we can and tell you about them, so you can try them, too.

If you want to be a member of CurvyMama’s PieTasting Posse, all you gotta do is visit a place that makes great pie, eat to your heart’s content, take some pics, then send them to us, along with a few paragraphs describing your experience. Tomorrow, CurvyMama herself will post a review of Mom’s Apple Pie Company in Leesburg, Va. And word has it that a Posse member on the Other Coast will soon provide a review of Pie ‘n Burger in Los Angeles, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here’s what we coaxed out of a friend who obligingly reported for us from a trip to Georgia:

The Pie Shop



Fried grape (cute little foldover pies, see the pic): Perfect sweetness level with a deep fried crust, interesting combo.  A little surprise/fun to bite into a few baked but whole grapes.

Chocolate chess: sublime: a solid 10 in terms of flavor, but didn’t hold its shape too well

Chocolate-frosted pumpkin hand pie: nothing special in terms of flavor or texture, but I liked the concept

Savory savory mushroom-onion-cheddar hand pie: nice flavor and I liked the crust but a little too much of it in relation to the filling.

Grape pies

Coconut cream

Snickerdoodle pie

I’d buy a ticket just to try the grape pies and the coconut cream.

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