Thanksgiving Piemaking Has Begun!

CurvyMama has stockpiled her pie crust dough, and fired up her oven. We’re off and running!

Sunday began with making a couple dozen disks of pie dough, wrapping them up and giving them some time to think (and to rest their gluten) before the big rollouts begin.

Into the refrigerator they went… And today it was time to make my first three. These were making an early appearance, since they were for folks at work, and the department head that ordered them knew many of them would be gone on Wednesday. So tomorrow, they’ll get a Thanksgiving surprise, in pumpkin, pecan and cherry, from their boss:

I’m even delivering in CurvyMama buttercream yellow-and-cherry red:

Tomorrow I will be making three pumpkin, a pecan, a cherry, and a double-crust apple. And can I just say that Gene Ammons has to be the absolute best pie-making music on Earth?