The Biggest Bowl of Mousse You Ever Saw

This is the sort of delight we experience in pastry techniques class: a bowl of chocolate mousse two feet deep.

No, we didn’t get to dive in head-first. But we did get to take home a little terrine (loaf) of the mousse, topped with a rectangle of baked pâte sucrée. Mine is sitting all wrapped up snugly in plastic wrap in the fridge, waiting to be unmolded and turned upside down for a sufficiently beloved friend.

Just before it was topped with the sweet cookie crust, it looked like this:

Afterward, it looked like this:

The cookie top will become the base for the terrine when it’s served. I might have to invent a lovely little sauce to offer itself as a pool for each terrine slice. I’ll think about that tomorrow when I’m supposed to be working.

When I write a longer post about class later this week, I’ll share recipes for the mousse and for two Bavarians: chocolate and white-chocolate. I’ll tell you about how we made a cake by layering yellow cake, chocolate Bavarian and white-chocolate Bavarian. What’s the difference, you ask, between mousse and Bavarian? That’s what I’ll tell you more about later this week.

For now, have white-chocolate dreams.