CurvyMama Celebrates Wedding Pie!

CurvyMama comes bearing tidings of great joy! We have officially entered the Wedding Pie business!

Barbara Vining and Blue Niis. Photo: Bill Wagner/Daily News

Barbara Vining and Niis Bue. Photo: Bill Wagner/Daily News


The invitation to step into wedding-pie territory comes from across the country, where my dear old friend Joline is celebrating the soon-to-be wedding of her son-in-law’s mother, Barbara Vining, and her longtime partner, Niis Bue.

After 18 years together, the two women were among the first in line to get their marriage license last week when that became legal in their home state of Washington. I was honored and excited that Joline asked me to commemorate this happy occasion with a pie.

I could think of no better symbol of love than a handmade lattice-topped cherry pie, all red and full and brimming with life’s tart and sweet juices. So I put one together, and topped it with a little lesbian love symbol in pastry. I’ll ship it frozen, and the two lovebirds will pop it in the oven when the time is right.


Alec and Jeremy.

Alec and Jeremy.

Adoring Joline as I do, I’m thrilled to honor her loved ones this way. Her daughter Alec and her son-in-law, Jeremy, came to stay with me here in D.C. a couple of years ago when their work bought them here.

We just loved our time with them, so I’m doubly thrilled to contribute to the

Mama Alec, baby Soleile and grandma Joline.

Mama Alec, baby Soleile and grandma Joline.

celebration of Jeremy’s moms’ union. And it comes not long after the birth of Alec and Jeremy’s first baby, the lovely Soleile. What happy times for this wonderful clan!

I hope this won’t be the last wedding that I do, and I think it won’t be. A young woman and her fiancé recently reached out to me to make wedding pie for 90 guests at their nuptials outside Washington, D.C. this coming July.  The celebration will be in a big barn; they’ll be dancing and feasting on fruit pies. What a happy thought!

Of course CurvyMama thinks pie is the perfect wedding food, but it’s wonderful to see that others think so too!