A Pre-National Pi(e) Day Happy Birthday Pie-By

What better way to commemorate the day before National Pi(e) Day than to engage in the art of the pie-by?

That’s what I figured when I baked a cherry pie last night for Candi Kaplan, my friend and financial planner. I boxed it up and dropped it off at her office this morning, before she got there. And here is what she looked like when her assistant, Katie, presented it to her:

photoIsn’t that lovely? This sort of happy face is just what we are after when we deliver pies, without warning, to innocent loved ones. (Hat tip, once again, to Washington state pie sister par excellence Kate McDermott for the idea and the great name.) I love doing these; see here for another happy pie-by face.

Oh, and for those of you who are confused about National Pi(e) Day, I can tell you that it’s something pie bakers hijacked from math nerds in service of our own selfish buttery agenda. Yes, there is a National Pi Day, tomorrow (3/14, get it?), in honor of that mathematical expression. But since we like baking way more than doing mathematical calculations, we added a couple of parentheses and an “e” and went off into the sunset, rolling pins in hand. And we’re even sneakier than that, too, because we managed to get two national holidays for our pastry: The other one is National Pie Day on Jan. 23. This year I celebrated National Pie Day by making my quasi-legendary Aztec Chocolate Chess pie.

Stay tuned for more about my devious plans for National Pi(e) Day (tomorrow!).