CurvyMama’s Pie-of-the-Month: Banana Cream

IMG_1232Flash back to childhood: a luscious fat slice of banana cream pie and a fork. Mmm.

Okay, so that wasn’t your childhood? Well, it wasn’t mine, either. My mom always kept our house stocked with homemade cookies, cakes or bars. But she didn’t touch pies. Do you have a similar story to tell? Do you need to fill that void with comforting, homemade pie every month? Join CurvyMama’s Pie-of-the-Month club!

Perhaps you were one of the lucky ones whose home kitchen window sill was a regular site for cooling pies. If so, you can recreate that lovely memory as a Pie-of-the-Month club member! 😉

If you’re interested, follow the smell of luscious pie dough baking (or just click here).