In Pie Heaven

From New York City

We’re here.

We’ve gotten the whirlwind lunch-rush tour (damn, bum timing) of Bubby’s underground labyrinthine kitchen complex, where we couldn’t shake hands with one of the pie gals because she was, you know, holding a pie in each hand. I am posted at the moment on a bench outside because the restaurant is waaayyyy too crazy to be bothered. That’s okay… exactly what I expected. Thrilled to be here. Can’t wait to get into the kitchen before dawn tomorrow.

  1. lesli maxwell
    You made it!! I hope you'll post a photo of yourself covered in flour soon! xoxo
  2. Ellen Pollock
    Catalina- I LOVE your blog...Way to follow your dream! You're my new inspiration...Keep me posted...I'm getting the feeling that you're in love!! Now you HAVE to come for Thanksgiving and you'll know your assignment!xoxo..Elkie