Heavenly Smells: The Ride Home From Pastry Class

It was another whirlwind adventure in doughs tonight at pastry class. The quickest way to sum up is to tell you that I struggled to stay in my lane on the freeway ride home because I was swooning from the smells of warm brioche, quiche and a lemon meringue tart, which were perched on my chef’s apron on the seat next to me.

Have pity! This is what I was dealing with:

We used the pâte brisée for the quiche, and the pâte sucrée held together the alluring little lemon-curd tart topped with French meringue. That brioche dough from last week went through its second rise and we made it into several traditional shapes. Nearly best of all, we got to use a big old blow torch. And you thought pastry class wasn’t butch!

All the details and photos will come along soon. Don’t expect them tomorrow; I will be attending to other things (including a Valentine’s Day dessert, photos to come).  But soon, soon!

  1. matthewcibellis
    I'm eating my slice of what I must say isn't half bad Safeway-made "artisanal" bread, and salivating over the imagined smell from your car. More new pastry than new car smell! What a wonderful start to my morning.