CurvyMama: Slinging Pies at May 20 Farmer’s Market in D.C.

CurvyMama’s got her first gig at a farmer’s market! Yippee!

On May 20, I will be selling pies at DC Grey Market, which is a really cool, renegade little venue for just-getting-started vendors like me. Read about the market on their website. It was inspired by underground markets in San Francisco and elsewhere, as The Washington Post reports in one of its stories about Grey Market.

If you’re nearby, stop by CurvyMama’s booth and have a slice (or a whole pie)!

  1. kennethjamesmoore
    Congratulations on getting into the Grey Market! It's a wonderful--and frantic--experience.
  2. CurvyMama Pies
    Thanks for the good wishes! I can't wait! Please drop by and say hello! And I had no idea we had a DC State Fair. Now I will be sure to go! When's the date this year?
  3. Kenneth Moore
    We're looking at the end of September for the Fair--check out www.dcstatefair.org for details and sign up for the newsletter. We'd love for you to enter the pie contest!
  4. CurvyMama Pies
    Would love to! Will do!