Macarons and Baked Alaska

It was a very meringuey night at pastry class at L’Academie. Chef Claude thought our meringues were piss-poor the last few classes, and since so many desserts involve meringue, he decided we needed a whole evening of them.

Here was one of the Baked Alaskas we made:

And here are some of the raspberry macarons:

We also made totally yummy spongebuttons, which are made of an almond meringue similar to the macarons. They are filled with praline paste and tossed in pearl sugar.

I will post tomorrow or very soon about how we made these.

Sweet dreams!


  1. Sani
    These are gorgeous!!!!!!
  2. cyhung (@cyhung)
    OMG these look AMAZING.
  3. Kathy
    Definitely post on how to make good meringue...and Baked Alaska. Am absolutely going to give that a go.
  4. CurvyMama Pies
    Yes, Kathy, I promise I will! Things got a bit hectic after that class and I never returned to write about it. I will! Thanks for the prompt!