Thanksgiving Pie-Making: The Prep



CurvyMama’s Thanksgiving pie preparations began at the Bethesda Central Farm Market, where I picked up a half-bushel of local apples from Twin Springs Fruit Farm. I picked up some Winesaps and Staymans, along with a hefty portion of SunCrisps, which I’ve only recently discovered, and are drop-dead delicious in pies. 

Then it was off to get tons of flour, brown sugar, eggs, cream and butter … And the most fragrant step of all was stopping at my little neighborhood organic market for fresh-ground spices…

Then it was time to make pie dough in bulk. Using a trick Beth Howard of Pitchfork Pie Stand taught me, I mixed up way-bigger-than-usual amounts in one of  my big flour-storage bins.

Now I’ve got disks and disks of dough in the fridge, awaiting their turns to be rolled out, plated and filled.

Having fun!

  1. Stephanie Joseph
    I can't wait to dig into my apple pie. i may have to have 2 slices and less turkey.