Pie Pilgrimages: MonkeyPod Kitchen (Hawaii)

photo by Don Langworthy

photo by Don Langworthy

From Wailea, Maui

MonkeyPod Kitchen 

When we first started out, CurvyMama promised you a series of reports from pie shops around the country. Here is another installment in our quest to provide you with pie guidance everywhere you go. We’ve now reported to you from four time zones. And we will carry on with all the fortitude and bravery this job requires!

Today we have a review from one of the members of CurvyMama’s Pie Posse. He also happens to be CurvyMama’s bestest boyfriend, and food sensualist par excellence. Very attentive readers might also recall that Don was along on our last two pie shop reviews, from Los Angeles. We also had a private little pie-making workshop (coconut cream) when I was in L.A.

So considerate is my Don, so mindful of The Cause, that even on a trip to Hawaii he had us in mind, and is hereby reporting dutifully his findings. So with no further ado, I bring you Don’s report from Hawaii.

“So here is the coconut cream pie from a restaurant called MonkeyPod Kitchen in Wailea, Maui. Great food, awesome Mai Tai’s (they put a whipped honey float on top) and we had a charming young server who was working to basically be able to travel around the world.

“Even though I was totally full, I ordered the pie for you!  Okay, so perhaps I did eat the whole piece, but still.  

“So, my review? I’d give the crust a Curvy Mama ‘meh.’ My guess would be all shortening–flaky enough, but not a lotta flavor.  

“The interesting thing to me  about the filling is that until the pie was about half gone, I didn’t realize that it was two layers: coconut cream filling and then whipped cream on top. The coconut cream filling was so airy and light that the two textures were almost identical.  I concluded that I like my cream pies to give me two distinct layers–my filling sturdier so there’s no question who’s on the bottom and who’s on top, if you know what I mean. 🙂

“And not to be bitchy, but I didn’t taste enough coconut. Having been up close and very personal with a CurvyMama coconut cream pie, I suppose the bar was set a bit high, but there it is. But don’t worry, this less-than-stellar experience won’t keep me from seeking out future pie encounters;  anything for CurvyMama.